AN INTENT TO THE SPIRIT (Short), Bartender, AliAlea Productions/dir. Saheem Ali

COULD BE (Short), Luca, June One/dir. Adam Jepsen

HOME (Short), Jake (Lead), Meena Machina/dir. Meena Ayittey 🔗

THE FORGOTTEN MAN, Hubert (Supporting), NFA Films/dir. Arran Shearing

WILD SPACE (Short), The Fisherman (Lead), i-D/Vice/dir. Kara Smith 🔗

PERSONA (Short), Robert (Lead), App Media/dir. Don Allen

THE WOMAN AND THE MACHINE, Gregory (Supporting), Suprarealitse/dir. Miguel Almagro


THE BLACKLIST, Bartender (Supporting), NBC/dir. Michael Caracciolo 

WANDERLUST (with Toni Collette), Rob (Supporting), BBC/Netflix/dir. Luke Snellin

BERLIN STATION, Case Worker (Supporting), Epix/dir. Christoph Screwe


F**CKING MEN, Steve/Jack/Brandon, Waterloo East/dir. Steve Kunis

EVERYBODY IS GONE (Immersive), Deputy, The New Wild/dir. Mukkadas Mijit

THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, Peter, The Faction/Wilton's Music Hall/dir. Mark Leipacher

ASTLEY'S ASTOUNDING ADVENTURES, Charles Hughes, New Vic Theatre/dir. Theresa Heskins

ARMING THE WORLD (Immersive), Paveway IV, Teatro Vivo/ice&fire/dir. Sophie Austin

ACCESS ALL AREAS (Immersive), Carter Clark, Teatro Vivo/This is Wired/dir. Sophie Austin

TWELFTH NIGHT, Orsino, Vienna's English Theatre/dir. Helen Tennison

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Beast, Polka Theatre/dir. Roman Stefanski

TWELFTH NIGHT, Orsino, Midsummer Scene (Dubrovnik)/dir. Helen Tennison

OPERATION MAGIC CARPET, Sinbad/Dad, Polka Theatre/dir. Rosamunde Hutt

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, Ensemble, Shakespeare's Globe/dir. Jonathan Munby

THREE SISTERS, Masha, Culturcated/dir. Sophie Austin

ROMEO AND JULIET, Prince/Friar Laurence, The Rosemary Branch/dir. Bryony J. Thompson

THE TEMPEST (Site Specific), Antonio, Holland Park/dir. Sophie Austin

THE ODYSSEY (Site Specific), Antinous/Achilles, Teatro Vivo/The Albany/dir. Sophie Austin

THE RITE, Stravinsky, Eris Arts/dir. Sophie Austin

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY (Tour), Willoughby, The Rosemary Branch/dir. Helen Tennison

BREAKFAST WITH EMMA (Tour), Leon/Rodolphe, The Rosemary Branch/dir. Helen Tennison

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Lysander, Guildford Shakespeare Company/dir. Russ Tunney

TWELFTH NIGHT, Orsino, Guildford Shakespeare Company/dir. Sean Aita

BLUE/PURPLE, Pete, The Tabard Theatre/dir. Nathalie Delorme

MEASURE FOR MEASURE, Provost, The Rosemary Branch/dir. Helen Tennison

OTHELLO, Roderigo, The Rosemary Branch/dir. Helen Tennison


EXPEDIA, Gym Guy, Moxie/dir. Frank Todaro

FLY VIRGIN TRAINS, Train Crew, Dare/dir. Vesa Manninen

HALFORDS, Shop Assistant, HomeCorpTV


Everybody Is Gone (Research & Development), Deviser, The New Wild/dir. Marina McClure

I AM (Research & Development), Deviser, Sheffield Crucible/dir. Kate Chapman

YEARS & YEARS - DESIRE (Music Video), Photographer, Chief Productions/dir. Sing J. Lee

E4 2013 Idents (Motion Capture Animation), Eefer, 4Creative/dir. Neil Gorringe

MAHER ZAIN - LOVE WILL PREVAIL (Music Video), Syrian Soldier, Grant Films & Human Appeal International/dir. Mike Harris

THE MYSTERIOUS LOST ISLAND OF DOCTOR PROSPERO (Research &Development), Deviser, Young Vic/dir. Sophie Austin

CONCRETE-DISPATCHES FROM GAZA (Voice Over), Israeli Soldier, Channel 4 News/dir. Nurit Kedar


BA (Hons) Acting, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, ACTING: Wyn Jones, Christian Burgess, Kenneth Rea, Martin Connor VOICE: Patsy Rodenburg, Kate Godfrey, Anemette Verspeak MOVEMENT: Wendy Allnutt, Daniel McGrath SHAKESPEARE: Patsy Rodenburg

Devising Physical Theatre, Frantic Assembly, Steven Hoggett & Scott Graham

Studio Conservatory Certificate, American Musical & Dramatic Academy, Lisa Jacobson, Roxana Stuart, Randolf Pearson, Mark Riherd, Joe Goscinski, Cate Smit,


Dialects (British RP*, London, Caribbean, Standard American, American Southern States, Italian, Iraqi, Spanish)

Stage Combat (unarmed, rapier & dagger, broadsword, scimitar)

Immersive Performance, Motion Capture, Physical Theater, Voice Over

Athletics, Horseback Riding, Skiing, Swimming, Weight Training, Yoga, Circus (Basic Acrobatics & Static Trapeze), Tennis, Animal Handling

DJ, Life Model, Photographic Model, Mixologist

Green Card, UK Passport, New Zealand Passport